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We have taken special precautions at all our coworking spaces, against you contracting the COVID-19 virus. Our space in Via Roma is presently best equipped. Here's why:

Our new coworking space on Via Roma. We've created each workspace, with space and privacy being of the utmost importance. Additionally, the space is well ventilated, replacing the air in the space through ceiling ventilation. This is probably one of the 'safest' coworking spaces in town.

This is a similar type of desk, although in La Rambla. In this space we do not have the top air ventilation system.

Our top-floor coworking space on La Rambla.

All our spaces require hand cleaning before entering, and a mask is required in the common area's. In addition, we have 2x daily 'regular-touch-points' cleaning though out all our spaces.

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