Palma de Mallorca – Personal Telephone Answering

Palma Office - Personalized Telephone Answering

Cómodo&Co is specialized in In-bound personalized telephone answering.

Our advanced telecom systems provide our assistants with a professional tool, ensuring that all your calls are answered in accordance with your personal specifications. Your clients or business associates will assume that they have contacted your personal company receptionist, secretary or colleague – whichever you have specified.

This service is available to all members with either fixed- or virtual offices.

Next to some very attractive Virtual Office packages (Standard Cómodo and Professional Cómodo) including our Personalized Telephone Answering service, this service can also be obtained separately at the following scaled-rates:

  • 18,00 Euro – Personal telephone number (per month)
  • 01,57 Euro – Per call, from 1 to 20 in-bound calls per day
  • 01,34 Euro – Per call, from 21 to 30 in-bound calls per day
  • 01,14 Euro – Per call, from 31 to 50 in-bound calls per day

Cómodo&Co also provide a professional out-bound telecom services, though only on a specialized project related basis. We would like to stress that we are not a call center.

Please contact us for more information.

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